First Time?

Mason's Playhouse Quick Start Guide

  1. Fill out the registration form online to expedite the enrollment process. Don't worry the information is secure and there is no cost or obligation by registering!

  2.  Bring your child in to the Mason's Playhouse for completion of the registration to get:

    1. Pictures of the authorized adults for pick up   

    2. To discuss any special needs and review all registration information 

  3. Drop you kids off and do what YOU need to do!

Getting your children involved with Mason's Playhouse is a quick and easy process.

Safety. Clear communication. Fun Experience.

Safety comes as our first priority. Using the registration system helps us to ensure that we have all the info that we need for your child.

We need information on how and whom to contact so that clear communication is not an issue.

In order to anticipate and meet the unique needs of each child, we need general info on the family.

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