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10/9: National Stop Bullying Day 2019

Today is a day dedicated to bringing awareness to bullying. We've either been on the receiving or giving end of it and it's never pretty. Here are 4 tips on how to prevent bullying.

1. Help kids to understand bullying

Encourage kids to speak to a trusted adult and report bullying. Talk to them about how to stand up to bullies and strategies for staying safe such as keeping close to adults or larger groups of kids. Here are some short videos on bullying and how to discuss it.

2. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Find creative ways to ask your children about their day and how they felt. Just spending 15 minutes can build rapport with your children for later down the road when they need to talk about hard parts of their days. Begin to incorporate questions such as, "Do you ever see kids at your school being bullied by other kids? How does it make you feel? " and " What does “bullying” mean to you? " to steer the conversation.

3. Encourage Kids to Do What They Love

Volunteering, playing sports, or joining a school club can help kids to build the confidence and friendship that they need to protect themselves from bullying.

4. Model How to Treat Others with Kindness and Respect

Kids learn from adult actions. They watch how you treat other people, handle stress, and difficult situations. Displaying kindness and respect shows kids that their is no place in our lives for bullying.

What are other ways to help prevent bullying. Be sure to leave a comment!

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