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Helping kids to be thankful

With Thanksgiving week coming to a close, here’s some quick tips to reinforce a great attitude of gratitude in your little ones. Let‘s be honest. Kids are naturally selfish and it’s up to us to help them view situations from an abundance rather than a deficit.

1. Model saying, ”Please” and “Thank You”

2. Take time to volunteer and get the kids involved

3. Help someone less fortunate than you

4. Look for “wow” moments in your life and express them to your children. 5. Compliment others

6. Share your gratitude at dinner and bedtime

it takes 5 minutes to express what you’re grateful for and ask your kids to do the same.

I’m sure your little ones will enjoy this video from the Kid President on what he is thankful for:

Begin implementing these actions and planting these seeds and sure enough, you will be reaping the benefits and seeing more grateful kids!

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