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Stress-Free Morning School Routine that works

If you're like me, morning can make or break your day. Mood can quickly go south, you forget an item, and possibly you end up late. I gathered some tips and tricks to help streamline your morning routine, These tips and hacks will help you wake up on time, get ready fast, and head to school with minutes to spare. And not one of these ideas involves setting the alarm any earlier than you have to.

Your Morning Routine for School: Part One

The night before...

  1. Check the weather forecast. Makes it easier to plan an outfit.

  2. Pack your bag. It's better to do it at night than when you're sleepy in the morning.

  3. Charge your devices overnight.

  4. Pick an outfit and then layout all items needed in a easy-to-see spot in your room and do the same for your child.

  5. Leave the shades open so you can see the sun rise as your alarm goes off.

  6. Move your alarm across the room. No need to tempt yourself to hit the snooze button.

Your Morning Routine for School: Part Two

The morning of...

  1. Once you’ve turned off your alarm, hit the bathroom. Brush your teeth, wash your face, or shower..

  2. Make your bed. It will be good to go once you get ready to get back in it after a long day.

  3. Get dressed. This should take seconds since you prepared last night. Try to stick with what you already laid out.

  4. Eat breakfast. After being in sleep mode for at least eight hours (teenagers need eight to 10 hours a night; younger kids need even more), you need to refuel. Grab and go works best for us.

  5. Brush your teeth if you didn't earlier.

  6. Save five minutes for quick chores. Walk the dog, feed the cat. Rather than check your phone or turn on the TV, do these things now while you still have time.

  7. Head out. Grab your bag as you leave the house, lock up if you have to, and get going!

YOU GOT THIS! Let me know what works best for your easy mornings!

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